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pet - She was a bundle of joy that filled many people’s...

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To some people Holly was just a dog but to me she was my best friend. My parents gave her to me for my 13 th birthday. Through her I finally learned responsibility and how much work it actually took to take care of someone other than myself. She was an important part of my life and although I knew she was getting older it was a surprise when my parents told me that she passed away. She was such a good dog. Never a mean bone in her body, unless it was to protect her family. My parents adopted her from the mostly mutts organization which was the start of my family and I fostering sheltered dogs.
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Unformatted text preview: She was a bundle of joy that filled many people’s hearts with love. I miss my walking buddy in the mornings and having her sleep on my bed at night. I’ll miss many things about her especially knowing she won’t ever be there to greet me excitedly at the door and knowing I won’t ever hear her annoying bark again. It’s hard getting out of the regular routine of making sure to fill her dog bowls with food and water in the mornings and constantly taking care of her but I know everything has its time and it was her time to go....
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