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The Quran The Quran is a religious text used for those of Islam nationalities. It is a cultural artifact for me because a large portion of my family is Muslim/ Nation of Islam and it is something that I need to do more research about. To me, the Quran serves as a portion of my identity. At a young age I use to tell my friends about how may family was Muslim this during a time when society based those of Muslim decent as bad people. A lot of my peers asked me, what I know now, as Racial Profiling questions. I decided to write about the Quran because it will help me connect more to my family and to stop some of the
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Unformatted text preview: views that people have toward Muslim people. It was not until my pre-teen years that I noticed my father’s side of the my family was Muslim. I discovered this by noticing my father say things like “Assalaamu Álaykum” which means peace be upon you. The only reason I paid attention to this is because I had heard sayings like this in the Movie Malcolm X. Then My mother started explaining to me that my father came from a family with 26 other brothers and sisters and that my grandfather had two wives....
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