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Fraternities and Sororities Shape many college students Identity. I. Intro A. There is a time in life where college students create their identity. Some figure that they enjoy venturing out into the world on their own helps discover themselves. While others figure joining different social and scholastic groups in college will alter the way they perceive things and ultimately it molds their character. One group that many students decide to join is a sorority or fraternity that enables them a life ling bond with people around the world. But while doing this some students are at a crossroads as to which Fraternity or Sorority best fits their personality. Some decide to join a National PanHellenic while others join the National Pan- Hellenic Council sorority or fraternity.
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Unformatted text preview: In all, there are extreme differences between the National PanHellenic and the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Before a student decides to join one, they need to do an immense amount of research to decide which one best goes along with their personality. II. Body A. What is National PanHellenic and the National Pan-Hellenic Council 1. Explain history of PHC 2. Explain History of NPHC 3. Explain differences B. Include my research with students 1. Student one 2. Student two 3. Student three 4. Student four C. Tie students involved with the research together. D. Explain my perspective on Greek life 1. In general 2. On MSU’s campus 3. Provide numbers III. Conclusion A. Putting everything I stated back together....
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