HW3 - MAC1114 Homework 3 Due Thursday January 27 1 Memorize...

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Unformatted text preview: MAC1114 - Homework 3 Due Thursday - January 27 1. Memorize the rst quadrant of the unit circle. Don't turn anything in for this, but do it. 2. Suppose cot θ = − 24 . Find the remaining ve trig functions (show your work!) if: 7 (a) θ lies in Quadrant II. (b) θ lies in Quadrant IV. 3. A land surveyor is trying to compute the height of a mountain in the distance. She know that the base of the mountain is about ve miles away. Using a clinometer, she observes an angle of elevation of 6.48◦ . How high is the mountain, in feet? 1 ...
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