Tutorial 11 answers - 3’-T TCAGCATTGGAACGTG CCATCG-5’...

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Questions 1. Which of these can DNA polymerase add on to? A) 5’----------------------------------3' 3’----------------------------------5’ B) 5’-------------------3’ 3’----------------------------------5’ C) 5’----------------------------------3’ 3’-------------------5’ B) Has the 3’ hydroxyl group ready for elongation where neither A nor C have that group. In addition, B has the template provided at the 3’ hydroxyl. Answer choice A has no template or 3’ hydroxyl. Choice C on the other hand, has a template, but it is overhanging a 5’ hydroxyl which cannot be used by the polymerase. 2. Write the complimentary strand that the polymerase will add to the polarity of the new sequence. 5’-TTAGC CTAATGTTGTAATCATGATGAATTGCG -3’ 3’-AATCGGATTACAACATTAGTACTACT TAACGC-5’ 3. Given a sequence of double stranded DNA, name the primers, both forward and reverse that would anneal to the sequence (only extend the primers for 6 bases). 5’- AAGTCG TAACC TTGCACGGTAGC-3’
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Unformatted text preview: 3’-T TCAGCATTGGAACGTG CCATCG-5’ Forward Reverse A) 5’-AACCTT-3’ 5’-AAGTCG-3’ B) 5’-TTCAGC-3’ 5’-CGGGGC-3’ C) 5’-AAGTCG-3’ 5’-GCTACC-3’ D) 5’-GGTAGC-3’ 5’-GCCCCG-3’ E) 5’-ATGCGT-3' 5’-TTGGAA-3' C) The forward 5’ to 3’ primer would be complimentary to the left hand 3’ end. The primer will appear as the non-template strand of DNA. When we do the same for the other 3’ end, we get the reverse of the non-template strand of DNA. 4. Design primers that will amplify the following region of DNA (assume this is one strand from a double stranded region of DNA). The primers should be 15 bases in length in 5’ – 3’ orientation. 5’- GGATCGATCAAGAACAATGACAGGATCGAGGAATTCAGCCTACGCAGCGAGTAGCTGGAGGGA-3’ 3’- CT CATCGACCT CCCT-5’ 5’- GGATCGATCAAGAAC-3’ 3’- CC TAGCTCGTTCTTGTTACTGTCCTAGCTC CTTAAGTCGGATGCGTCGCTCATCGAGGTCCCT-5’ In 5’-3’ orientation the primers are: F: GGATCGATCAAGAAC R: TCCCTCCAGCTACTC...
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Tutorial 11 answers - 3’-T TCAGCATTGGAACGTG CCATCG-5’...

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