summary - Williams (2001) in the article You snooze, you...

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Williams (2001) in the article “You snooze, you lose? Sleep patterns in Canada” (Nova: Canadian Social Trends) discusses about Canadian sleep patterns, reasons of sleeplessness, and the consequences of sleep disorders. Many researches believe that adults require an average of 8 hours sleep. In 1998, General Social Survey (GSS) points out that Canadian slept 0.1 hours more than average. In 1992, GSS indicates that 20% adults have trouble to fall sleep, which the number has increased by 5% in 1998. Generally, women sleep more than men. Nevertheless, in 1998 29% of women had problem for falling sleep compare to 21% of men. Sleep patterns are diverse in any ages; for instance, people during 15 to 24 sleep an average of 8.5. Meanwhile, the amount of sleep will decline as they become older, and after age 55, it will raise again. Furthermore, people usually sleep more in weekend. Researches imply that people sleep on average 48 minuets more in weekend. Some reasons of sleeplessness are personal; others are societal. One reason of insomnia
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summary - Williams (2001) in the article You snooze, you...

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