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LAB 1: SOUTHSIDE SEAWEED SEAPORT WARM-UP QUESTIONS 1. Coffee beans are crushed into small pieces, water is added to it and the mixture is heated over a flame. What do you think would happen to the coffee bean as it interacts with the water? Explain. The coffee bean has certain properties (taste, smell, color) which would be extracted into the water via an interaction facilitated by heat. Those properties would remain in the water if the crushed beans were filtered out of the mixture. 2. What would happen to the water if instead of coffee beans, strips of dried seaweed were used? Explain your prediction . The same result – certain substances will be extracted from the seaweed, and we can test to see if they remain behind by examining for physical properties. The water and heat should work in the same fashion on the other plant mixture (seaweed). 3. Define the following terms: a. Decant . Pour a liquid from one container to another. b. Filtrate . Pass a substance through a filter. c. Extract . Obtain/remove from a substance via a process such as filtration. d. Precipitate . To extract a solid from a solution. e. Tincture . An alcohol solution of a medicine. Procedural Summary
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Focus Questions 1. How can I make a pharmaceutical product from seaweed? We can produce a pharmaceutical product from seaweed by submerging seaweed in water, adding heat to extract the product from the seaweed into the water, then finally extracting the product from the water (via filtering and evaporation). 2.
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