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CTA speech outline - Jordan Veal December 4 2007 COM 110...

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Jordan Veal December 4, 2007 COM 110 Preparation Outline: Gun Control Topic: Gun Control General Purpose: to call to action Specific Purpose: to call upon my audience to take actions that will lead to increased gun control Thesis: Whichever steps we choose to take must be taken quickly, as more and more people are dying from guns every day. Introduction On November 23 rd , charges were filed against the parents of a nine  year old boy who was in critical condition after accidentally shooting  himself in the head while playing with his parents’ handgun. This sort of  accident is the type that could be prevented by tighter gun control. But  how can tighter gun control be achieved?  I. Preview : First off, education is key. The media today seems to  show mixed signals about guns. On the six o’clock news, we see  horrific stories of gun violence, yet on a previous show, the hero  got the girl he was after because he shot up a bunch of bad guys to  save her. Unfortunately, it is the idealized view of the hero that  often leads to an idealized view of guns for many people,  especially those in the younger generations. We need to educate 
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ourselves and our nation’s children on the truths about guns, as  well as safety measures concerning guns. Gun control does not  just mean getting guns off the street; it also means knowing how  to act when guns are around. Additionally, with the 2008 elections  coming up, it is predicted that gun control issues could be a  deciding factor. This presents the perfect opportunity to show  support for candidates that are proponents of tighter gun control  laws. 
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