syllabus - Physics 2CL Physics Laboratory: Electricity and...

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Physics 2CL Physics Laboratory: Electricity and Magnetism, Waves and Optics Spring Quarter 2011, UC San Diego Instructor: Prof. Oleg Shpyrko, Office: Mayer Hall Addition 3210 Phone: (858) 53 4-3066 Office Hours : Monday, 1pm – 2pm Lab Coordinator: Andrew Briggs, Office Hours TBA (Office is down the hall from the lab room, MHA 2544) Lecture: Mondays, 7:00 p.m. – 7:50 p.m., York Hall 2722 Laboratory: Mayer Hall Addition (MHA) 2544 Prerequisites: PHYS 2B (as opposed to PHYS 2C advertised in catalog) Webpage: WebCT Contains Lab Manual, Schedules, Homework Lecture Notes, “How to Ace Lab Report” and other useful handouts. Topics: Electrical circuits (resistors, capacitor, inductance coils), lenses and optics, interference/diffraction; propagation of uncertainties; Measurements and errors; statistical analysis of random errors; normal distribution; least squares fitting; probability distributions; χ -squared test for a distribution. Textbook (required): John R. Taylor, An Introduction to Error Analysis , 2nd Ed., 1997 Laboratory Manual: Available through WebCT Notebooks (lab): Two 7-7/8 x 10 1/8 quadrille ruled notebooks (or similar size/format). Label them 1 and 2 (also mark them with your name, email, and lab section day/time). You will work with one notebook while the other one is being graded. Lab notes will be recorded in notebook and signed by TAs at the end of lab periods. These pages will be torn out and attached to TYPED lab reports. Calculator: A scientific calculator with a simple statistical analysis package (mean, standard deviation, and linear regression) is required for data analysis, and definitely for final exam. Homework: You will be offered a list of homework problems from the textbook. Homework will NOT be graded, but is strongly recommended for better understanding of material learned in class and preparation for the final exam. Final Exam:
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This note was uploaded on 06/10/2011 for the course PHYSICS 2CL taught by Professor Shpyrko during the Spring '11 term at UCSD.

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syllabus - Physics 2CL Physics Laboratory: Electricity and...

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