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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 % File: %-------------------------------------------------------------------- % Set up problem NewtonianFrame N % Fixed reference frame RigidBody A % Upper rod RigidBody B % Lower plate Point P % Attachment point of plate to rod Variable qA'' % Pendulum angle and its time-derivatives Variable qB'' % Plate angle and its time-derivative Variable FxA, FyA, FzA, TyA, TzA % Reactions on A at No Variable FxB, FyB, FzB, TxB, TyB % Reactions on B at P Constant mA, mB % Mass of A and B Constant IxxA, IyyA, IzzA Constant IxxB, IyyB, IzzB Constant L % Length of upper rod Constant H,W,D % Height, width, and depth of lower plate Constant g % Gravity Constant k,qBo % Spring stiffness and resting angle AutoOverwrite On %-------------------------------------------------------------------- % Rotation matrices A.RotateX( N, qA ) % A rotates "about +x" in N by qA B.RotateZ( A, qB ) % B rotates "about +z" in A by qB %-------------------------------------------------------------------- % Angular velocities - start from N and work outward...
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BabybootStatic - Sheet1 Page 1 % File:

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