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TEXTBOOK SECTIONS EGM 3400/3401 Key EGM 3400 and 3401 students EGM 3401 students only at end of semester No one Chapter 1: Math Review 1.1 Why is math important? 1.2 Units 1.3 Geometry 1.4 Circles and their properties 1.5 Triangles and the ratios of their sides 1.6 Differentiation 1.7 Solutions of linear algebraic equations 1.8 Solutions of polynomial equations 1.9 Solutions of nonlinear algebraic equations 1.10 Numerical solution of nonlinear 2nd Order ODEs 1.11 Numerical solution of coupled nonlinear 2nd Order ODEs Chapter 2: Vectors and Dyadics 2.1 Examples of scalars, vectors, and dyadics 2.2 Definition of a vector 2.3 The zero vector 2.4 Unit vectors 2.5 Equal vectors 2.6 Vector addition 2.7 Vector negation 2.8 Vector multiplied or divided by a scalar 2.9 Vector subtraction 2.10 Vector dot product 2.11 Vector cross product 2.12 Scalar triple product and volume of a tetrahedron 2.13 Dyads and dyadics (vector multiplied by a vector) 2.14 Vector operations with Autolev Chapter 3: Vector Bases 3.1 Vector basis 3.2 Extracting scalar equations from a vector equation 3.3 Optional**: The language, history, and culture of "left" 3.4 Example: What is a vector vs. how is it expressed? 3.5 Optional**: Expressing a vector Chapter 4: Rotation Matrices 4.1 Basis orientation 4.2 Example: Using a rotation matrix 4.3 Rotation matrix examples 4.4 Calculating rotation matrices with Autolev 4.5 What is an angle? Chapter 5: Vector Differentiation Note: Within green sections, skip any material related to Autolev or that is labeled as Optional. The Autolev material in the yellow sections will be revisited by EGM 3401 students at the end of the semester.
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TEXTBOOK SECTIONS EGM 3400/3401 5.1 Differentiation concepts: Changes in magnitude and direction 5.2 Ordinary derivative of a vector in a reference frame
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EGM3401_Textbook_Sections - TEXTBOOK SECTIONS EGM 3400/3401...

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