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KeyCommands - w_A_N> = q1*Ax> Special Autolev syntax...

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Sheet1 Page 1 % File: KeyCommands.al % Example of all key Autolev commands for EGM 3401 %-------------------------------------------------------------------- % Set up problem NewtonianFrame N % Get point No and three unit vecs Nx>, Ny> Nz> RigidBody B % Get point Bo, center of mass Bcm, and three unit vecs Bx>, By> Bz> RigidFrame A % Get point Ao and three unit vecs Ax>, Ay>, and Az> Particle P % Point with mass Point Q % Point without mass Variable q1'' % Variables q1, q1', and q1'' Variable q2' % Variables q2 and q2' Variables q3'' Variable Fx, Fy % Variables for reactions Constant m % Constant for mass Constant Ixx, Iyy, Izz % Constants for inertia Constant L,K,R % Constants for length and other stuff AutoOverwrite On % Write over any quantity that is already defined AutoZ On % Turns repeated expressions into new quantities ZeeNot = [q1'', Fx, Fy ] % ZeeNot is a special name that Autolev "knows" %-------------------------------------------------------------------- % Commands for kinematics A.RotateX( N, q1 ) % Rotates A about common +X axis with respect to N
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Unformatted text preview: w_A_N> = q1'*Ax> % Special Autolev syntax for angular velocity alf_A_N> = Dt ( w_A_N>, A ) % Special Autolev syntax for angular acceleration B.RotateZ( A, q2 ) p_Q_Bo> = q3*Nz> - L*Ay> d_p_Q_Bo> = Dt( p_Q_Bo>, N ) % Golden rule implicitly d_p_Q_Bo> = Dt( q3*Nz>, N ) - ( Dt( L*Ay>, A ) + Cross( w_A_N>, L*Ay> ) ) % Golden rule explicitly Express( d_p_Q_Bo>, B ) % Re-expresses unit vectors %--------------------------------------------------------------------% Commands for inertia properties I_B_Bcm>> = Ixx*Bx>*Bx> + Iyy*By>*By> + Izz*Bz>*Bz> I_B_Bcm_Mat = Represent( I_B_Bcm>>, B ) Express( I_B_Bcm>>, A ) %--------------------------------------------------------------------% General commands Autoz Off p> = L*Bx> L = K*R p> Explicit( p> ) % Plugs in all expression available for terms in p> p> = (sin(q2)*sin(q2)+cos(q2)*cos(q2))*L*Bx> Express( p>, N ) Expand( p> ) % Cleans up expressions by grouping terms...
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