Supernotes Test 2 - Lit03/05 03:06 PERSON 1 02/24/09...

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Unformatted text preview: Lit03/05 03:06 PERSON 1 02/24/09 Tuesday *Age of Realism-writer wanted to make their work more real and less concerned with neurotic, symbolic character like Bartleby; weird characters are not real people in real situation-natural outcome of realism is Naturalism.-Aesthetic characteristic that defines the writing of that time; -civil war ends in 1865, 13 amendment abolished slavery; New growth, industrialized; machines replaced human hand; giant corporations formed; lower class seek for power; new political groups emerge (political corruption), urban crime, big cities offer interest for new Americans and easier place to get work; economic remains in hands of few people; -Mark Twain: gold covered jewelry is bright and wonderful for the people who have money, but gold pealed easily to show underbelly for have-nots. -Telegraph between US and Europe: -railroad, transcontinental transportation: huge impact on transporting materials, labors, became very mobilized; heading west, striking for rich and gold; -Americans became slimmer-invention of automobile-total population doubles within less than 20 years-more than third population is foreign born-women became nations dominant culture forcecirculate magazine, ladies journals, -Emily Dickinsons poetry: -New York: as literary capital and publishing capitol-literature: on local colors, cultures Psychological realism: living-room is a place where a woman finds comfort, *characteristics of Realism 1. recognizable character with recognizable setting. 2. deals with manners rather than deep philosophical questions. 3. characters generally know what happiness consists of and are able to, in varying degrees, achieve it. 4. very often turn to the question of marriage or societys rules character knows what the rules are (order of civilization, natural progression) 5. deals with reasonable .. ; no Calvinist, Deism. * Mary E. Wilkins F reeman, bio & A New England Nun, pp. 1320-1330-she was an old maid:-attached to her material possessions for beauty, described as unique and precise woman, she is kind of an artist in home-making; she has her own way of cutting lettuce and etc. -shes the woman who is comfortable with her own company; she may be impulsive-Joe: he seems to fill up the whole room: hes always in a state of dragging dust and dirt.-she has a little canary; when joe comes in, it makes canary upset because her room is so ordered and cleaned.-Joe lives with his mother, he knocks things down-later she get dustpan and brush and swept on joe.-tells lot of her character: she has a routine and like it; a man interrupts that routine-there is something missing here that is probably make it very not good marriage: there isa impenetrable aura he cant enter and shes not going to let him enter....
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Supernotes Test 2 - Lit03/05 03:06 PERSON 1 02/24/09...

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