Test 1 Notes - 1/27 Puri tans considered themselves English...

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1/27 Puritans considered themselves English “We” America= new world Western Europe = old world Puritan writings are arguably the first recorded American history 1620 is when the mayflower lands o William Bradford writes his diary “Plymouth Plantation” Puritans were very interested in money o Beginning of capitalists Made money on cods, bear skins, tobacco Pilgrims are what the settlers called themselves Historians called the pilgrims “puritans” Currently going through “neopuritanism” o America = very prescriptive society We think we know whats best Pilgrims think of themselves as new Israelites Atlantic Ocean – “Pond” o “Cross the Pond” They thought they were God’s favor o Even tho 1/3 of the party died (mostly women and children) Didn’t question God (“Blind Faith”) First British colony founded in Jamestown Virginia Pilgrimage = huge religious journey Cantabary tails – pilgrimage o But very scandalous Puritans = Calvinists and were protestants They believes those good on earth would be “elected” to heaven Biggest hypocrites, left for religious freedom but then persecuted all others Thought they weren’t worthy of God due to Original Sin Calvin made Geneva the Holy City o Gave shelter to victims of persecuted o Believed God has predetermined the one’s going to heaven o God doesn’t forgive, only grants Grace Puritans were not the founders of democracy Henry VII reforms the catholic church o He can’t divorce so he changes the religion No reform of the catholic church was enough, so the Calvinists (separatists) left the church Bible replaced the priests Puritans sought to get rid of any catholic impurities
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o Anything that resembled Catholics rituals o Even called churches “meeting house” Calvinists based solely in “Geneva” Bible o “how tos” for everything Ship not only Puritans o Had crew and entrapaneurs Bradford… everyone on the boat not a puritan was “stranger” (stranger to god) Mayflower Compact first form of self government 1636 – founded Harvard 1775-1783 Amercian Revolution WWI 1914-1918 WWII 1941 1975
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Test 1 Notes - 1/27 Puri tans considered themselves English...

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