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Test 2 Notes - 2/24 Realism li terary movement aesthetic...

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2/24 Realism- literary movement, aesthetic Writers wanted to make their work more “real” away from neurotic crazy stories with weird symbols Civil War- 1865 Last important war for America’s character 13 th amendment US = most industrialized country in the world Huge corporations form Lower class seeks voice at the polls Switch from rural to urban Mark Twain referred to realism as Guilded Age Age of Extremes – wealth and poverty America = abundant power Telegraph cable between US and Europe – linked new world and old world New York replaces Boston as printing capital Middle class journalism backgrounds break creative barriers Realism took shape of American culture Characteristics of Realism 1. Literary realism deals with people or types of setting 2. Deals with memories rather than deep philosophical questions 3. Charters in realist stories know what happens is made of and can achieve in various ways
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4. Torn on question of marriage or society rules 5. Deals with real non theological reasonable ideas Marry Wilkins Freedman Was an old maid that married a doctor Lousise Elle = protagonist
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