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FANR 1100 Notes - Water heating-15 to 20%-Tankless water...

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FANR 4/15/11 Automobiles and Travel -Carpooling *HOV lanes encourage this -Mass transit, esp. trains or bus *question of rail applicability in GA -Hybrid cars/MPG cars *Great in town, but on highway? -Walk -Ride Bike -Tune your car up *Oil change, air filter change, tires -Drive cars -Speeding Appliances and Electronics -20% of energy goes to appliances -Unplug appliances when not in use *Adjusting temperature setting on freezer/fridge, keep them clean Heating and Cooling -50-60% of our home energy usage -Programmable thermostat * Allows for efficiency -Clean air filters and keep AC/heater tuned up -Insulate your house -Ventilate your attic -Kerosene space heaters, wood stove Lighting -10% home usage -Turn them off -Buy more efficient lightbulbs -Ambient light (open windows) -Motion detecting light bulbs
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Unformatted text preview: Water heating-15 to 20%-Tankless water heaters more energy efficient-insulate water pipe-Adjust the temp.-Use cold water when you can Insulation and Air Sealing-low moisture, high ventilation Landscaping-Provides shade-Controls ground temperature, building temps-Deciduous plants=> for shade in summer, light in winter-Provides a wind break-Impacts water usage Summer vs. Winter-Summer *Thermostat at 70 degrees *Use awnings and shades *ceiling fans-Winter *Set thermostat cooler *don’t heat every room What should our country do to reduce energy use?-Gov’t can tax-Subsidize energy efficiency What incentives do energy products-oil ccompanies and utilities- have to encourage reduced use of their products?-Not as much fuel or generating plants...
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FANR 1100 Notes - Water heating-15 to 20%-Tankless water...

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