Hort Test 2 2010 - Horticulture 2000 Test 2: Fall 2010...

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Horticulture 2000 Test 2: Fall 2010 Version: C Name: _______________________ 810# ____________________ Each question is worth 1 Point . You Have 50 minutes to Answer 50 Questions. Select the BEST answer, first on the test sheet then transfer the answers to the scan form. This test has questions generated from a pool of questions. Don’t be thrown by similar questions. 1) The ideal soil is (should be)_______ % air. A. 25% B. 50% C. 100% D. <10 2) Which of the following fertilizer elements is required in the largest amount by most plants? A. iron B. phosphorus C. magnesium D. copper 3) Which is the best water regime to encourage deep root systems? A. water frequently for short periods of time B. water less often, longer C. doesn’t make a difference D. I was searching the Web during that lecture and have no idea what you talking about 4) Plants loose water MOSTLY by … A. evaporation B. transpiration C. perspiration D. constipation 5) The optimal pH range for most horticultural crops is … A. 4.5-5.0 B. 6.0-6.5 C. 7.5-8.0 D. <5.0 6) The acidity of soils can be increased by adding… A. sand B. lime C. sulfur D. nitrogen 7) Fungicides kill … A. insects B. vectors C. pathogens D. plants 8) A 100 pound bag of 10-20-10 has ________ lbs. ACTUAL PHOSPHORUS? A. 10 B. 40 C. 15 D. 20 9) A pesticide with an LD50 of 100 is … A. more toxic than one with an LD50 of 20 B. less toxic than one with a LD50 of 50 C. less toxic than one with LD50 of 5000 D. will only harm the pest it is labeled to control 10) Which of the following encourages genetic diversity among horticulture crops. A. cloning B. apomixis C. grafting D. open pollination
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11) Which of the following is the most efficient (in terms of water use and loss) form of irrigation A. drip B. overhead C. furrow D. pop-up lawn sprinkler 12) Soil fertility can be affected by all but one of the following…. A. texture
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Hort Test 2 2010 - Horticulture 2000 Test 2: Fall 2010...

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