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11 - deposited in ocean Wave actions erodes the deposits...

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Types of Coastlines Barrier-Island Coasts Barrier island of sand lies a short distance from the coast and is created by wave action and increase in height as sand dunes grow on them. They low relief and are not attached to the mainland. Common along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts Behind barrier island is a lagoon, Tidal inlet: gaps in the barrier island through which tide flows Severe storms create new inlets and in some cases the inlet will be closed later by shore drifting of beach sand. Delta Coasts occur due to deposits of clay, silt, and sand by a stream or river. Best example is the Mississippi River Delta. Delta: sediment deposit built by a stream entering a body of standing water Current of water slows as it enters ocean, and sediment is deposited River channel divides into distributaries Deltas have a variety of shapes Deltas can grow and shrink rapidly Volcano and Coral-Reef Coasts Volcano coasts arise where volcanic deposits - lava and ash flow from active volcanoes
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Unformatted text preview: deposited in ocean Wave actions erodes the deposits creating low cliffs. Forms cliffs and narrow beaches Coral reef: rock-like accumulation of carbonates secreted by corals and algae in shallow water along a marine shoreline • New land is made by organisms • Warm tropical and equatorial waters • Coral needs warm, clean water, good aeration • Reefs exposed at low tide, covered at high tide Coral bleaching: warm water temperatures force corals to expel the algae that live inside the coral structure • Algae necessary for coral survival • Corals can recover from temporary heat stress and bleaching • Permanent increase in water temperature can cause coral death • Global warming threatens coral reef survival • Increased CO2 in ocean impedes growth of coral structure Barrier reefs : separated from mainland by a lagoon Barrier reefs develop as the islands erode and subsides....
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