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April 22, 2010 Important gene variant- The A1/A1 Allele (there are others such as A1/A2, A2/A2. A2/A1) is very interesting. People with the allele were found to be the nicotine addicts, coke addicts, obese, alcoholics, or gamblers. It codes dopamine receptors, more specifically D2 receptors. However, people with the variant have 30% less D2 receptors. D2 equals addiction because it takes more to stimulate them. You need them for normal reward. Having this variant does not mean you WILL be addicted it just means you have a higher chance of it happening. Trimethylxantine- caffeine. Halogens- Hallucinate while on them. Ex. Psilocin and LSD. Structurally (chemically) look like serotonin. Bufotenin- is a chemical secreted by a burollvarius frog. It is illegal to lick or have these frogs. Need to know: Be able to give an example of each type of drug (stimulant-cocaine), withdrawal effects,
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Unformatted text preview: and give the neurotransmitters activated by certain drugs(AH, DA), and what doesn’t induce effects. Social Motivation Obedience- strong motivator Stanley Milgram- “Teachers” and the students were hooked up to the electricity. Every time a student got something wrong the student would get shocked. The teachers were average citizens. He polled psychologists what percent of the population would shock the students to extreme, the experts said only 3% would participate. However, when the “teachers” participated (the students was only pretending to get shocked and the teachers didn’t know this) 100% shocked the student a small amount. And 70% went all the way up to the death level. See the yellow handout for more information....
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