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Offensive Aggression-Aggressive behavior directed usually at a member of the same species Defensive Aggression-Aggressive behavior in response to an attack Predation-A type of aggression or feeding behavior involving a single attach on a member of (usually) another species and without overt display Ventral tegmental area-A midbrain area involved in reinforcement Psychoactive Drug-Any exogenous substance that changes an animal’s psychological state Addiction-A state characterized by an overwhelming involvement with the use of a drug, or with other behaviors, and a high tendency to relapse into that behavior after stopping Metabolic Tolerance-Drug tolerance resulting from increased rate of metabolism Drug Tolerance-Decreased sensitivity to the effects of a drug following repeated administration Functional Tolerance-Tolerance to a drug resulting from a reduction in reactivity of the sites of action, caused by changes in the structure or number of receptor sites, or changes in structure of cell membranes
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Unformatted text preview: Contingent Drug Tolerance-Tolerance to the effects of a drug that depends on experiencing those effects Situational Specificity of Drugs Tolerance-Tolerance to the effects of a drug that is dependent on external cues (such as the usual place of administration) Withdrawal Symptoms-The adverse effects of the stopping of taking a drug to which tolerance has built up Drug Dependence-A state in which an individual requires a drug in order to function normally Detoxification-A treatment for drug addiction (especially alcoholism) based on the gradual withdrawal of the drug Mesolimbic Dopamine System (MDS)-A network of dopaminergic neurons extending from the ventral tegmental area to basal forebrain areas, and though to be involved in reinforcement and addiction Nucleus Accumbens- A basal forebrain center involved in reinforcement...
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