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Precious - Precious is a movie based on a book by Sapphire...

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Precious is a movie based on a book by Sapphire. The movie is centered on the life of a teenage girl named Precious who lives in Harlem. The story is one of complete sadness. Her own father is a pedophile (someone who finds sexual satisfaction by having sexual interaction with children under thirteen) who begins using Precious for pleasure when she is as young as three. Her own mother allows this, and even abuses Precious herself. She seems to completely lack oxytocin receptors, as she beats her repeatedly and degrades Precious emotionally, she also doesn’t take proper care of Precious and uses any means possible to control her. Although obesity is related to cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, stroke), Respiratory disease (sleep apnea, asthma), Type 2 diabetes, Cancer of the: uterus, breasts, rectum, or gallbladder, Infertility, Depression, and Alzheimer’s Disease, her mother continuously lets Precious eat greasy and unhealthy food to give her (what I believe) the feeling of control over her daughter.
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