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The Blind Side - to his full ability when Leigh...

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The Blind Side is the story of Michael Oher‘s road to success. He begins as a boy who is homeless, and not sure about a future, and ends with a dignified young man who becomes a Pro- Football player. The movie outlines his life as a Christian family takes him in. The story takes place in the Deep South, and the story is that of accomplishing the American Dream. Michael Oher lives his life in parasympathetic mode. He is very reserved, and lives his life by forgetting the past. Leigh Anne Tuohy who is quite opposite of Michael, she is a true southern lady who is loud and tells her exact opinion; she also adopts the homeless Michael into her extravagant home. Leigh Anne sees the boy called Big Mike (undoubtedly because of his BMI that must be greater than 35 and 6 foot 5 inch frame) and turns him into Michael. Her son S.J. falls in love with his new brother, Michael, and Michael falls in love with as well. This love is evident throughout the movie. Michael only begins to play football
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Unformatted text preview: to his full ability when Leigh Anne (“Momma”) puts herself and S.J. in place of Michael’s teammates in his mind, telling him he has to protect his “family”. The next instance came during a rush of opioids when Michael and SJ got into a car accident. Michael immediately extended his arm to protect SJ not considering his own safety. The area in the Periaqueductal Gray Area, and the rush of opioids caused Michael’s fear for SJ’s safety to take over and not feel the pain from the airbag crashing into his arm. The final instance of unconditional love between the young boy and Michael Oher is when the benefits that S.J. received were a factor that Michael considered when choosing a college. All in all The Blind Side is a truly inspirational film, which really highlights the greatness of being an American. It also proves that people can really be unselfish in life, and that there is still good in our country....
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