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Feeding So important we have nicknames named after food for money. What Starts a meal? Walter Cannon- gastro contractions theory. You eat when you get stomach contractions because the stomach is empty. Evidence? None People with out stomachs still get hungry. Orosensory Factors (smell, tast, feel of it in your mouth) Best test of this theory was the sham feeding dog. Gets to see the food, taste the food, swallow BUT the food was diverted out of the body. The meal size stays the same, but the frequency of meals increase. This is because the food doesn’t go into the blood stream. Another line of evidence that it is not about orosensory factors is if you numb the tounge
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Unformatted text preview: you still get hungry. Mayer 1950’s glucostatic hypothesis- a drop in blood sugar stimulates certain neurons in the brain, glucostats, to fire we will then fgeel hungry.There is evidence, if you mess with a rat’s glucose metabolisim the rats do get hungry Glucostats= hypothalamus If you insert injections in of glucose into the hypothalamus. Because of dibetes the hypothesis was altered, a drop of useful blood sugar stimulates neurons in the brain. Famous set of experiments where people went into the hypothalamus and destroyed certain parts: Lateral hypothalamus (LH)...
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