final study exam - Be able to define and give examples when...

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following terms in order to prepare for the final exam. Also be able to answer the questions posted on Blackboard for the final text chapters and In Search of Respect. Final exam: 11 a.m. December 1, 2009 (Tuesday) Bring a number 2 pencil Format: Mixed multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and bonus (45-50) Please be on time Expressive culture - the visual and performance arts, festivals, plays, sports, and games Transhumance - The practice of moving herds to different pastures depending on seasonal availability of resources Nomads- Numaym- Extended Family groups in the Kwakiutl Ritual- Symbolic behavior associated with religion and magic that is repetitive, sequential, non-ordinary, and believed to be powerful (Dr. Jones believes its rituals can be everyday and a simple definition would be sequential, meaningful behavior) Religion- Symbolic system involving beliefs and practices aimed at directing the relationship of human beings to the supernatural Magic- Symbolic system aimed at gaining control over one’s environment, condition, or associates Cosmology- Symbolic description of the universe Religious practitioners and types of society (monotheistic, Olympian, communal, shamanic, etc.) Art, human expression, function, examples Rite of passage, initiation, 3 phases- separation, limited, incorporation Agriculture Hunter-gatherers/ forager- kinship and economic systems- primitive communism- equal access to power and wealth: Hunter/gathers unilineal models- egalitarian- sharing things equally Nandi, Masai, Basseri, Yolmo, San, Ainu Mundugumor, Yap, Yonomamo First contact How did the Leighy brothers view the Highlanders? Viewed them as primitive, said they had never worked. Gave them lots of stuff. How did the Highlanders view the gold miners?
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final study exam - Be able to define and give examples when...

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