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CHARTS FOR ETHNOGRAPHER - Ebonics BlackWord Booshie Whack...

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Ebonics Beauchamp 1 Black Word White Word Booshie Snob Whack Crazy; Bad Dope Good Lame Boring Strolling Line Dancing Becky Men's Oral Sex Pressing Straightening Your Hair Flat Iron Straightener Boo Sweetie; Honey; Babes Perm Relaxer Aight All Right Ashy Dry Skin Weave Extensions Swag Dance Grill Face or Decorative mouth piece Kicks Shoes Bangin' Loud Music from a car Betty Fake Drugs Cracker White Person Dime Really good looking girl; Hot; (She's a 10) Glock Gun Got at her/him flirted with her/him Hate To get someone in trouble or spoil their fun Hella Very Ice Diamonds On Lock Whipped Queen Bee Lil' Kim Stunt Show off Tap it Have sex Wifey Main Girl Hubby Main Guy Weed Marijuana Hook-up Do you a favor Lit High Fucked Up Intoxicated or High Mad A lot Drama Lie or act crazy Sister Black woman Brother Black man
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Greek Systems Black White Intense Pledge Period Short Pledge Period if any
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