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Ethnogrpaher project - 5 what where is the setting(be as...

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ANTH 101 Ethnographer Warm-up Project – Due – September 8 th (please turn in the project in class on a printed paper, I will not accept this as an online or email attachment). You are required to turn in at least a single spaced typed page describing a mini-ethnography project. Please observe people in a social setting (this can be an everyday social event, sport, church, meal, gathering of any sort, people in a coffee shop, whatever...), following the ethnographic method as best you can. Observe or at least 15-30 minutes and determine: 1. who is the “other” 2. who are the people you are watching (ages, genders, social status, etc.-- no names are necessary, but how can you label and classify them?) 3. what is going on, how are people interacting? 4. what are they doing ?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. what/ where is the setting (be as specific as possible) 6. what biases do you bring as observer? 7. what binary oppositions are evident ? 8. what meanings are obvious on the surface and what deeper meanings can you determine? 9. what can one really know from ethnographic participant observation? What remains unknown? The Ethnographic Method 1. select culture, society or sub-culture of interest 2. review the literature, background research 3. identify variables of interest 4. gain entrance - cultural emersion (over months years) 5. gain informants- participant observation- interview- record, film, photograph, etc. 6. data analysis 7. interpretation, theory development (?) 8. validation (emic)...
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