mid term study guide - Study Guide 1 Egypt- had University,...

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Study Guide 1 Egypt- had University, aka kmt, land of blacks, Happened in Egypt first geometry algebra trig calendar astronomy irrigation discovery of blood function circulatory system and the heart, There phenotype (looks) are different than the rest of Africa (however they are still black because they are from an African nation) Egyptology: gives us an idea of were greek and roman’s ideas came from Ptah-hotep: Philosopher (peace) Osiris: was the father of horus/heru from the words hero and hour are derived had a fight agains typhoon who was evil lost an eye Ptah Isis- An Egyptian goddess who hada cult that spread throughout the Hellenistic world and to Rome in the republican period The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Contains the Akhenaten which hare hymns the pre date davids psalms and many studies are done The Book of the Coming Forth by Day and by Night Mesopotamia: The land between 2 rivers Assyriology: The study of mesopotania Hammurabi’s Codes: Were laws that influenced Moses one of the laws was if you were caught stealing your hand was cut off very similar to the 10 commandments The Greeks: Many Greeks were homosexual, Greece in considered the first civilized European from the greeks came the first European books set up city-states and the 2 major ones were Sparta and Athens democracy came from the greeks and means the people rule however they had slaved so only certain people ruled so not all. They favored the development of small, self containted agricultural societies.
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mid term study guide - Study Guide 1 Egypt- had University,...

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