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1 WESTERN CIVILIZATION I J. D. Jackson, Instructor Dept. of History and Anthropology HY101-7N UAB/Heritage Hall Fall, 2010 HH Adjunct Office Tues.: 5:30-8:00 PM #: (205)934-5634 Heritage Hall Bldg.: Room 106 Office Hours: Tues., 4:25-5:25 PM Email: osiris@uab.ed : Civilization in the West : Vol. I— to 1715 . 7 th Ed. Kishalansky, Mark, Patrick, Geary, and Patrick O’Brien. Machiavelli, Niccolo. The Prince. Course Objective: Using a class format that consists of lecture, discussion, and video/audio tape(s) and/or DVDs, if not power point and/or overhead projector presentations, this class has as its overall purpose to provide students with a multi- disciplinary approach to and broad-based but surveyed view of the history of Western Civilization as guided by at least the following: 1)the chronology and the main personalities, movements and events, especially wars and international trade, and concepts of the text-oriented period—from “The First Civilizations”, as described by the book, to 1715. The said approach will also underscore the undeniably, important fact that past and present events are intertwined with the former, directly or indirectly, substantially or not, influencing the latter and even, possibly, the future. Course Requirements: Class attendance and preparation, punctuality, and note- taking are mandatory. Failure to comply with either will most likely result in a lower grade. Attendance Policy : Attend class! The instructor will record attendance each class period and/or after each class break, if allowed. Make-up exams due to excused absences will be given only with the permission of at the time selected by the instructor. Schedule them as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you must be absent, please be respectful enough to contact the instructor as soon as possible to inform him. Grades: Grades will be calculated based on 1) *(2) exams (a mid-term and a final), 2) **(2) papers (each 5-10-typed pages each) 3) (2) DVD/Video Answer and Question sheets 4) (2) pop quizzes and 5)active class participation. Each category is worth (100) points, resulting in a possible grand total number of possible points for students to earn equal to (900) points.
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This note was uploaded on 06/11/2011 for the course HY 101 taught by Professor J.d.jackson during the Fall '10 term at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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WESTERN_CIVILIZATION_I_Fall_2010_J_D_Jackson_Syllabus[1] -...

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