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Lecture 21: The Early Modern State Continued: English Constitutionalism Key Terms -Constitutionalism -James I -Charles I -the “Long Parliament” -Oliver Cromwell -Glorious Revolution More important for long term western civ-18 th , 19 th century governments look to Eng models Questions: 1. How can we understand the Constitutionalism State as similar to and different from the Absolutist State? 2. What circumstances help explain the consolidation of English royal and English Parliamentary power over the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? 3. Why does the Constitutionalist State have more potential for evolution and change than the Absolutist model? I. Constitutionalism; Definition, Forms and Theory A. Government by Law Sovereign governing authority is the state, eminates from the laws and traditions that monarch respects. English constitution are these traditions(common law) Power that state yields comes form traditions and practices that ruler respects B. Monarchy or Republic vs. Democracy. Constitutionalism is Not democracy. It can be a monarchy or republic Usually has a system of checks and balances. Parliament does not run show until 19 th century 1
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C. Consent of the governed? 1. John Locke (1632-1704), Two Treatises on Civil Government (1690) Political radical in England Father of enlightenment, one of the most influential philosophers in western civ . Basically starts the enlightenment Natural law, god puts in motion a set of natural conditions. Instead of people being at war loke says that people are good, born with a blank state, all equal, shaped by experiences Rights to liberty, health, and property. God saves everybody deserves these rights before there was ever a government. Human agency is how one uses rights. Humans are smart enough to realize that there are differences between people Need a state to mediate disputes. Have to voluntarily enter into a social contract, and the state has power decide. PEOPLE HAVE SOVERENITY , and create there own government Consent of the governed is the basis of a commonwealth. If government breaks contract you can overthrow ruler
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21.Early Modern State English Constitutionalism_outline -...

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