20. Early Modern State French Absolutism_outline

20. Early Modern State French Absolutism_outline - Lecture...

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Lecture 20: The Early Modern State, French Absolutism Key Terms -Absolutism -Divine Absolutism -Secular Absolutism -Cardinal Richelieu -La Rochelle -Nobles of the Robe Questions 1. How can we understand the Absolutist State as both similar to and different from the kingdoms of the medieval period? 2. What circumstances and events explain the French king’s complete consolidation of power by the sixteenth century? 3. What limitations did this absolute state nonetheless face? I. The Modern State and Absolutism A. England and France Archetypes of the early modern state Process of centralized power began in the medieval period( a continuation) France-absolutism. England-constitutionalism Germany and Italy were two fragmented and Spain were weak 2 models of kingdoms that are vastly more powerful than in past times b/c B. Medieval Kingdoms Had to rely on consent of nobles 1
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Open to question and to dispute Still a negotiation going on C. Modern States Power of king and state are above question No longer does king need pope(France) D. Modern Kings with fewer limits Law in place are accepted and not challenged. Similar in france and England. People play by rules Allows kings to emancipate themselves-build elaborate beauracracys to keep power Larger armies Newer ways to collect taxes. Pay beauracracy and army New partnerships with kings, new players Result is that government have monopoly on law, justice, and violence -distinguishes modern states. Local power but no role, states power is always above. Marker of modernity-permanent centers of power. II. Absolutism (france)
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20. Early Modern State French Absolutism_outline - Lecture...

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