19. Part Deaux

19. Part Deaux - Catholic Reformation and Religious Warfare...

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Catholic Reformation and Religious Warfare ( continued from Friday, June 3 ) Key Words: -Schmalkaldic League -Peace of Augsburg -Concordat of Bologna -St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre -Edict of Nantes -Defenestration of Prague -Treaty of Westphalia Questions: 1. How important was religious confession to the Reformation? 2. How important were political concerns to the Reformation? 3. What were the major outcomes of the Thirty Years’ War? Counter Refromation-combating prostestants III. Religious Conflict and Peace in Germany, 1526-1555 A. The German Princes and Charles V. [Map of the German lands ] Secular authority continued to weaken power of catholic church. If you are King Lutherism is your best bet for ruling your principality(no reason for pope to be in control of chrisindom). An opportunity to weaken church and HRE. Better for local princes B. Diet of Speyer 1526. Influential princes get together and decided that princes can decide what religion and who is in charge of church(tax church lands) can apply people the trust to administer church lands 1
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More of their own power. As well as reduce the power of the HRE and Pope 1529-a formal protest against Charles V and Pope(ie name of protestants) Charles V is busy fighting wars with french in Italy(attention is elsewhere-away from Lutherism) Going to come back and fight protestants C. Schmalkaldic War (1546-1547) Schmalkaldic league formed while Charles V is fighting wars. A protestant military group for a response against him Biggest threat is that his vassals are mounting against him and essentially declaring war. Charles V does invade and crushed Schmalkaldic league Now it is inevitable that Charles with crush the protestants. Princes are sacred of Charles-that he might actually be able to unify the whole of Germany-scares all of Germany A peace and then another renewed war in 1551. Charles V is physically tired of fighting ( a boom for princes and reformation)
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19. Part Deaux - Catholic Reformation and Religious Warfare...

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