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16.Northern Renaissance_outline - The Early Modern Period,...

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“The Early Modern Period, the Northern Renaissance, and the Origins of the Protestant Reform” Questions: 1. What characteristics distinguished the Medieval Period from the Early Modern Period? 2. How was the Northern Renaissance different from the Italian Renaissance? 3. What was Christian Humanism? How does Christian Humanism differ from earlier Christian intellectual traditions and from later theological movements? Key Terms: - Johannes Gutenberg - Northern Renaissance - Christian humanism- different from Italy - philosophy of Christ - In Praise of Folly - Utopia I. Introduction to the Early Modern Period (ca. 1500-1700) - Lots of overlap, but more new than old Still medieval views, but these 5 things draw lines between periods A. Secularism Position of church is questioned, criticizing church Humanist looked back at ancients, not Christianity. 1. Scientific Revolution B. Protestant Reformation 1. Luther , et al. versus the Catholic Church Big event for understanding trajectory of Western Civ afterwards. 1517 protestant church, Luther, Calvin, and other theologians, never goes away Helps set apart early modern period C. European Exploration 1. Americas, Africa, Asia Going out in the world on a large scale. God, Glory, Gold. Colonialism and imperialism Gives Europeans a new way to define themselves. “we are Europeans” And civilized 1
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D. New Economics 1. Trade, Profits, Competition More reliance on trade and commerce. Joint stock companies, long distance trade. Increases importance of markets in Europe Beginnings of modern capitalism and economies E. Centralized States 1. Monarchs, Bureaucracy, Military 1 king to monopolize networks, More complete consolidation of power Bruraecracys to ensure power, stronger militaries Modern politics and influence in modern period. II. The Northern Renaissance
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16.Northern Renaissance_outline - The Early Modern Period,...

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