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12.High Middle Ages_outline - b Lecture 12 The High Middle...

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b Lecture 12: The High Middle Ages Questions: (1) What factors led to the agricultural revolution and rise of cities? How are these two phenomena related to each other and to feudalism? (2) How did Scholasticism represent a change in Western thought at this moment? What were the implications for political and religious authorities? (3) In what ways did Scholasticism challenge the spiritual and historical basis for the Crusades? In what respects do the Crusades represent a harmony and a dissonance with Scholasticism? Key Terms: -carruca -three-field system -„Stadtluft macht frei“- german expression, relates to growth of city. The city makes you free. -Scholasticism -Abelard -Aquinas -Albigensian Crusade -blood libel Age of renewal of cities, intellectuality, architecture, agriculture. 1000-1200 I. Agricultural revolution A. Climate Change 1000-1300 Europe experiences slightly warmer climate Longer growing season More food B. population growth 38 mil to 78 mil C. new farming techniques 1. iron plow Curruca-heavy plow, has to be dragged by oxes of horses After 1000 Increases drainage, more productive crops 2. padded horse collar
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Put collar around horses shoulders, not nick. Allows horses to pull more weight. 3. three-field system Spring crops in one field, fall crops in another. Uses 66% of fields as opposed to 50%. Safer guarantee of food if disaster
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12.High Middle Ages_outline - b Lecture 12 The High Middle...

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