9.Germans, Franks and Christian Kings_outline

9.Germans, Franks and Christian Kings_outline - Lecture 9...

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Questions: 1. How did the Middle Ages represent a new phase in the history of Western Civilization? 2. What aspects of Germanic culture distinguish it from Greco-Roman culture? What elements are similar? 3. Why was the Western Christian Church able to exert increasing influence in temporal affairs during this period? Key Terms: Justinian- Emperor, undertakes Roman preservation. Makes a universal system of laws for Byzantine empire. Holds off spread of Islam from futher west. A buffer City of Man kindreds comitatus- following of young Germanic warriors to follow a chief into battle, and sharing of loot Wergeld- man money-pay compensation for family losses. Clovis- 485 -511- Unified Gual. And Adopted Christianity-help by wife Gregory the Great-pope Battle of Tours- Charlemagne Enough categorical definitions for historians to place era’s into period. Medieval I. Follow-Up from Wednesday’s lecture A. Unresolved Questions B. Eastern Roman Empire into the Byzantine Empire Power shift from Rome to Constantinople. Church is also growing stronger. Kings constantly take over the city. Rome declines slowly. Byzantine Empire-projected Roman labels of the past on themselves. They weren’t actually romans but called themselves that East stops caring about west because it is hard to defend and economically not worth it. A place where Roman, Greek(speak latin and Greek), and Christian culture is fused. Learning preserved
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9.Germans, Franks and Christian Kings_outline - Lecture 9...

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