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11.Kings, Popes and Crusades_outline - Lecture 11 Kings...

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Lecture 11: Kings, Popes, Crusades Questions : (1) What reasons explain the Christian Church’s turn towards internal reform in the tenth century? What were the implications for these reforms measures? (2) Why did the decline of feudalism lead to a conflict between the Church and state authorities? (3) How and for what reasons were the relationships between the English and French crowns and the Church different from the relationship between the German crown and the Church? Key Terms: Cluny- College of Cardinals Gregory VII Norman Conquest Common Law Bailiwicks Concordat of Worms Innocent III I. Church reform, return to Christian piety A. Threats to the church 1. Physical During early middle ages(dark ages), some kings threatened the pope and looked for Germanic kings or nobles to protect them. So high nobles became papacy Repeated raids by Vikings ruined monasteries. 2. Spiritual Disruption of monastic tradition by raids and invasions 3. Political Local lords, secular lords come to control church land So many bishops become vassals to offset problems B. Reform 1. Abbey of Cluny 1
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Monastery in France (910) by St benedict. Reform movement come out of this abbey Abbots continue reform in abbey of Cluny. This movement to reform church gains speed. More interested in creating a spiritual community of believers. Deliberately kept from temporal obligation 2. Papal Reform Spreads to papacy. Reform church.
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11.Kings, Popes and Crusades_outline - Lecture 11 Kings...

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