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5.Roman Republic_outline - Lecture 5 Roman Republic Or One...

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Lecture 5: Roman Republic Or “One tyranny, two tyranny, three tyranny, four…seven tyranny, more?” Questions: 1.) How did the Roman Republic seek to balance the interests of the oligarchy with the masses? Was this similar or different from what we saw in Ancient Greece? 2.) What does Roman Republican culture and society tell us about how Romans looked at and understood their world? 3.) How did Rome go from an unknown, unimportant city-state in central Italy to a Mediterranean Empire by the middle of the 2 nd century BCE? Key Terms: -Romulus-rome -Lucretia-rape case-provides civic model for how a roman women should live here life. -Twelve Tables-laws -Lex Hortensia- -nobiles -Cincinnatus -pontifex maximus,-state priest -Scipio We see Roman thought today with laws etc. Roman government and Dem different than Greece. A model for good government and allow Christian church to take off. I. Foundation of Rome A. Romulus and Remus (one big ole myth) Founded in 753 BC. Twin brothers. Mother a Trojan person and father supposedly a war god. Romulus kills Remos so its called Rome B. The Monarchy Kings existed and where actually Etruscans(who really Rome). Monarchy only last till around 500 bc Romans feel different from Etruscans so they want to overthrow monarch. Lucretia raped by king-model for a roman women-honorable. Civic. Romans banish kings after rape
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Romans wanted to be in charged of city. II. Formation of the Republic And took a practical approach to government. Made it up as they went along. A. Consul
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5.Roman Republic_outline - Lecture 5 Roman Republic Or One...

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