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4.Hellenistic World_outline

4.Hellenistic World_outline - Lecture 4 The Hellenistic...

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Lecture 4: The Hellenistic World Or “A Big New World with Lots of Tiny People” Questions: 1. How did the political and social landscape of the Hellenistic Age differ from that of the classic Greek City-States? 2. How did the new “comfort philosophies” and mystery religions answer peoples’ needs in this new environment? Key Terms: -Hellenistic Age -Carneades -Koine -Diogenes -Epicurus -Mithra -Zeno-stiocism Greek city states fighting with each other after pelopenisanisn war I. Macedonian rule-Hellenistic Age after Macedonian Conquest A. Philip II 350 BC. North of Greece. Makes alliances and strengthens army Thinks he is a greek, but greeks don’t like him Dies in 336 BC B. Alexander the Great Phillips son Strengthens alliances, makes them subservient. Demands tribute or installs governors over them. Conquers Persians(modern day afganistan), marches army for 8 years, Dies in 323 BC No successor, on death bed wanted the strongest to take charge. So several generals split it into chunks and fought over it.
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