2.Greek Politics and War_outline

2.Greek Politics and War_outline - Combined Lectures...

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Unformatted text preview: Combined Lectures 1&2: Ancient Greek Political Models and the Wars against the Persians and The Peloponnesian War and the Greek Tragedy Key Terms:-Arte-Cleisthenes-polis-Salamis-helot-Delos-hoplite-Melos Questions: 1. In what ways did Athens and Sparta make similar and different contributions to the history of Western Civilization? 2. What makes the Persian Wars an important moment for Greek history? 3. In what ways can the Athenian experience be characterized as a Greek Tragedy? I. Bronze Age (2200-1000 BCE) A. Minoan Existed on Crete, had a sophisticated writing system-linear Lived in huge palaces Somewhat sophisticated, but not much know B. Mycenaean Lived on greek mainland, 1800 BCE Predecessors to classic greats City states, but no chief, Had contact with Minoan Warrior society Both disappeared II. Dark Age (1000-750 BCE) A. Arte and Hubris Literacy is lost Living in small tribes and bands of people Society that homer describes Emergence of Arete- excellence in battle, intelligence, etc Little organization so greeks compete with each other for leadership Hubris-Excessive Arrogance that comes from trying to achieve Arete- Achilles. Will bring down fall if exceed boundaries Original Olympics III. Archaic Age (750-500 BCE) A. Polis Rise of Polis city state-independent community of citizens and people who live around it....
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2.Greek Politics and War_outline - Combined Lectures...

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