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Case, Ethics

Case, Ethics - Irate sellers call up SEC and complain...

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Case: Anheuser Busch/ Ethics Example now: o Rajat Gupta leaking information about Goldman-Sachs Issue: o Should Suhre sue Thayer (on Board of Directors of Anheuser)? o Thayer accused of tipping friends about acquisition of Campbell Taggart Who does insider trading hurt? o Other traders who don’t have that information o When you buy low from a seller you are hurting them too
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Unformatted text preview: Irate sellers call up SEC and complain Investigation • Exhibit 2 shows that Anheuser was hurt by the insider trading • Should we sue? o Pro: If we don’t sue, our shareholders could sue us Clear the air o Con: No guarantee to win Takes $ and time • Who should we sue? o Those with deep pockets o Investment banks...
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