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Group 7 Names Hands Free Jaw Support There is a current need for a way to maintain an airway during short surgical procedures (ranging from ten to thirty minutes). Airway maintenance is required for patients undergoing any procedure under anesthesia. The patient becomes rendered unconscious and is no longer capable of maintaining a clear airway. The patient’s oxygen level must be maintained above 85%, 98% and 99% being typical values for conscious patients. Below 85%, complications occur and inadequate amounts of oxygen are delivered to the patient’s lungs. To prevent this, a patient can be intubated to insure a fluid airway or a staff member can manually perform a jaw thrust which also maintains the airway. See Figure 1. Figure 1. Open and blocked airways. Currently on the market are hands free anesthesia masks and jaw supports but there are none that are user friendly. The jaw supports that are in
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current use have no means of attaching to the surgical chair and therefore stand the chance of moving or shifting during the procedure. This may prove detrimental in certain surgical procedures. Also in wide practice are endotrachial tubes. However, any intubation may become bothersome to the patient and cause unnecessary irritation for short surgical procedures.
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PPDP_Example_Preliminary_Airway - Group 7 Names Hands Free...

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