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Names Preliminary Project Design Proposal – Reengineering the College Party Introduction: At the majority of college parties students crowd around long tables intently watching a heated competition. The game is Beer Pong. This drinking competition has its roots in the Greek life at Dartmouth College. It began in the 1950’s as a game that combined the basic skills of ping-pong with a complicated points system and of course beer (Garfinkel 1). In more modern Beer Pong games opponents stand on opposite ends of a long table with a triangle of partially filled plastic cups in front of them. One team tries to toss ping-pong balls into the opposing team’s cups. If the ball lands in a cup the opposing team must drink it. Turns are taken and the game continues until a team runs out of cups. The game has become so popular that it is played at the vast majority of college parties and some bars even hold large-scale Beer Pong tournaments. Problem: The main accessory in a Beer Pong game, the typical plastic cup, often does not serve its intended purpose: to hold the beer while a ball is tossed into it. The cups are prone to tipping over during the course of the game which unfortunately leads to spilled beer, a big mess, unhappy players, and a delay in the game. These cups are also not very accommodating to ping-pong balls. Balls tend to bounce off of the rim of the cup leading to ping-pong balls landing on the floor and getting dirty. Proposed Design:
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PPDP_Team_4_Example - Names Preliminary Project Design...

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