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CGN 3421 hw10_cmf01.fm page 1 of 1 11/28/01 CGN 3421 HW #10 Due Monday 12/03/01 Fall 2001 Topic: Numerical integration of differential equations (Euler and Heun’s corrector methods) Assignment: Write two functions to integrate an ordinary differential equation using Euler and Heun’s methods, respectively. Part I: 1) Euler’s method: Euler(func, x0, xf, y0, N):= | your function here The function will receive the name of a differential equation (func) to be solved, the first and last values of the independent variable ( ), the initial condition for the dependent variable, the number of steps at which to calculate after the starting point , up to and including . The function will use this information to return a vector of values between and including and , and the corresponding vector of solutions for each . The vectors and will both consist of points. 2) Heun’s method: Heun(func, x0, xf, y0, N, Tol):= | your function here The function uses all the same information as 1) above, with the addition of a tolerance value to stop updating the
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