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3_1_prob - Use slope deflection to solve the following...

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Unformatted text preview: Use slope. deflection to solve the following problem (Hoit, Ch—4). 50 k find: all reactions : lo (1 fl ' E= constant uses pe e ectlon I: constant find: 93, 9C find: shear/moment diagrams 1 Set up the slope deflection equations for each of the 10 unknown end moments 2 Set up extra equilibrium eqs. needed to solve for unknown rotations (D.O.F.) 3 Put these equations in matrix form for solution (to be covered) 4 Solve for these unknown displacements using matrix algebra by hand (to be covered) 5 Find all moments in step 1 6 Find all reactions using statics and F.B.D.s 7 shear/moment diagrams for each member ...
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