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World History Syllabus - Syllabus WHO 1012 SEC 001 History...

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Syllabus WHO 1012 SEC 001: History of Civilization TO 1500 Spring 2010 BL Perry 200 Instructor: Prof. Jeffrey Earl Mills Office: FAMU DRS BLDG 0167 Office Hours: M/W/F. 8:00 AM-10:45 AM Contact Information: phone 561-2062 email: [email protected] Course Description: A general description of civilization emphasizing the economic, intellectual, political, religious, and cultural aspects that have contributed to the development of our world. Required Text: William D. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel, The Essential World History, Volume one: to 1800, Third Edition Recommended Texts: Ivan Van Sertima, “They Came Before Columbus” Robert Hood, “Must God Remain Greek?” Course Requirements: The course requirements are met by: 1.) Registering on Blackboard at 2.) Successful completion of one book critique (3,000 words) 3.) Successful completion of four exams as evidenced by a passing score. 4.) Adherence to the University’s attendance policy 5.) Completion of two essays from the Book, "Taking Sides."
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It is the policy of Florida A&M University that class attendance is compulsory for all students. A student will be permitted one unexcused absence per credit hour for the course in which he/she is registered. A student exceeding the number of unexcused abscences will be dropped from the course and assigned a grade of “F.” In that case the student may be readmitted to the class with the dean’s and instructor’s permission. The dean’s permission letter will become a part of the student’s permanent record Pursuant to University policy. Tardy Policy: Students will be permitted two tardies during the course. On the third tardy students will be assigned the equivalent of one absence. Exams: There will be five examinations during the course of the semester. All work is due on the date assigned. Any student with an excused absence will be permitted to make up an exam or pass in an assignment provided the excuse has been received from the Dean’s office. Students needing to make up an exam must make arrangements with me in order to schedule a date for making up the exam. In no case will exams be given prior to receiving a valid excusal from the Dean’s office. In cases of students involved with school related activities, their absence will be treated as present for purposes of attendance and in some cases the exam may be taken early with my consent. Academic Honesty: Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s ideas or words without giving proper credit. Plagiarism is not in accordance with the standards of excellence promulgated by the university and will result in receiving a “0” on that particular assignment. Florida A&M University reserves the right to pursue other disciplinary actions as outlined in the Florida A&M University Student Handbook. Students With Disabilities:
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World History Syllabus - Syllabus WHO 1012 SEC 001 History...

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