Summary - Assignment #4 Juliet Martin People create...

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Assignment #4 Juliet Martin People create economic systems, and these systems influence incentives and people’s choices. How people cooperate is governed by written and unwritten rules. As rules change, incentives change and choices change. The United States created the U.S. Constitution which changed how most people operated. This constitution consisted of amendments (rules) such as freedom of speech and also, the 14 th amendment. The citizens, White and Black, specifically, have changed their ways due to following rules. After the 14 th amendment was passed, every person was made equal, and if you were born in the States then you were a citizen, White or Black. However, the major change was when the Emancipation Proclamation passed. Originally, Blacks, from Africa and born in the U.S., were considered slaves by Whites. After that law passed, the whole situation was changed completely. Whites were forced by law to free their slaves and treat them as equals. Although it took some states in the South longer than those in the North, this law was put into action. Another rule, children have to attend school when under the age of 18 years old. The law
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Summary - Assignment #4 Juliet Martin People create...

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