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Juliet Martin AMH 2091 November 16, 2010 Dr. Sylvester Cohen “Questions for A Chief Lieutenant of the Tuskegee Machine” 1. Discuss the relationship between Charles Banks and the Clark family of Mississippi. Charles Banks and his family were very fond of the Clark family. Charles expresses the upmost respect and appreciation for the Clarks. He shows how he appreciates their care and concern for him and his family. His outlook about interracial relations was formed from the way the Clarks treated him and his family. Normally, whites and blacks in Mississippi were not too fond of each other. There was a master and slave relation, and that was all. However, Charles depicted a deeper relationship was shared between the families. He actually wrote Booker T. Washington to inform him of his story. He felt like other blacks should know it was possible to get along with whites in the South. He felt as though whites and blacks could maintain cordial relationships: socially and in business due to his relations with the Clarks. His letter fell into other hands and was published as an example to this fact of blacks and whites getting along. He referred to himself as the “New Negro” which was not treated or placed in the same role as people before him such as his parents. He expressed how he was treated like an extension of the Clark family. 2. Define the old Negro elite. Acceptance into the old Negro elite had factors such as education, wealth, occupation, and skin color (the latter because many of the people were light-skinned blacks or mulattos) that
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were considered. One’s ancestry and family heritage was also important. If a person had family members who were free during the antebellum period or who fought ardently against slavery and
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Book Assignment - Juliet Martin AMH 2091 November 16, 2010...

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