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MAN 4653-301 Martin, Juliet Global Business (Dr. Daaim Shabazz) T,TR 11:00 March 15, 2011 International Finance Journal Odenheimer, Alisa, A @ The Bloomberg 1 , 3/14/11. The Barclays name has developed into a global business in 1925. By 1981, they had become the first foreign bank to file with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and raise long-term capital on the New York market. Today, they are represented in every major world market. This article reports how the investment bank is planning on expanding and adding another country on the list for world markets. Barclay Capital is planning on opening a research and development center in Israel for international financial-services companies. A plus for the company’s expansion is access to incentives from Israel’s government. The government wants to become known for centers such as the one Barclay is looking to open.
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MAN4653_InternationalFinanceJournal - MAN 4653-301 Martin...

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