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MAN 4653-301 Martin, Juliet Global Business (Dr. Daaim Shabazz) T,TR 11:00 February 15, 2011 Global Business Journal Nwanma, Vincent A Nestle Opens Nigeria Factory, Says Sales May Double, @ Bloomberg 1 , 2/3/11, 1 pg. This article discussed the Nestle SA, one of the biggest food companies, opening up a factory in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria. The company’s executives noticed growth in this area. Nestle noted that business will double in sales with this expansion in Africa. Nestle SA has been doing well in this area which is why CEO Bulcke believes this is a great investment. Due to past successes with the company in the country, the executives feel as though this is a worthy investment. Nigeria possesses a lot of market potential with high expectations of growth. Nestle’s corporate executives believe this growth will be beneficial to the country as well as the company. Although Nestle reportedly spent approximately 90 million francs (95 million in US
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MAN4653_JournalonNigeria - MAN 4653-301 Martin Juliet...

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