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Act_3 - Name Section Period 3 Activity Sheet Motion and...

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9 Name ________________________ Section ___________________ Period 3 Activity Sheet: Motion and Forces 3.1 What are Speed and Velocity? Your instructor will discuss the concepts of speed and velocity as rates. a) Using a timer and a meter stick, measure the speed of a toy tank in meters per second as it moves across the table. Explain how you made your measurements. ____________________ b) Convert this speed into miles per hour. (Hint: 1 mile = 1,609 meters) In your calculation, show units and how they cancel. ________________ c) You travel from Columbus to Cincinnati and return to your starting point in 4 hours. The total distance traveled is 220 miles. What is your average speed? _________________ d) Use a distance table to find the distance between two cities of your choice. 1) City #1 ________________________ City #2 _______________________ 2) Distance between the cities _____________________ 3) Calculate how long it would take to travel between the cities if you drove at a constant speed of 65 miles per hour. ________________ e) Your instructor will discuss velocity. What is the difference between speed and velocity? Give an example of each rate. 3.2 What Causes Changes in Velocity? a) How does force acting on an object change its velocity? 1) Stack three wooden blocks under one end of a board to form a ramp. Roll a metal cart down the ramp and note the cart’s velocity after it leaves the ramp. 2) Remove one of the blocks supporting the ramp. Roll the cart down this ramp. Is the velocity of the cart after it leaves the ramp less than, equal to, or greater than its velocity after rolling down the higher ramp in part 1? 3) Explain what caused the cart to move faster after it left the higher ramp.
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10 b) Stack two blocks under one end of the ramp and roll a cart down the ramp.
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