Act_7 - Name _ Section _ Per 7 Activity Sheet: Simple...

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25 50 cm 5 N Name ________________________ Section ___________________ Per 7 Activity Sheet: Simple Machines 7.1 How do Levers Work? – Fulcrums and Forces a) Place a meter stick on the plastic tube with the 50 cm mark directly above the tube. Place a 5 newton weight at the 100 cm mark of the meter stick. Raise the weight by pressing down on the other end of the meter stick with your finger. Now move your finger closer to the center of the meter stick and press down again. What happens to the amount of force needed to raise the weight as your finger moves closer to the 50 cm mark? b) Your instructor will demonstrate the force and fulcrum board. 1) Describe what happens when the fulcrum is placed under the center of mass of the board and one weight is placed on each end. 2) What happens when two weights are placed at one end and one weight is placed at the other end? 3) What should be done to the fulcrum so that one weight on one end can lift two weights on the other end? 7.2 How Do We Use Levers? a) Examine the examples of levers (scissors, hammer, grass clippers, pliers, nutcracker, can opener, etc.). Make a rough sketch of one of these tools and label the fulcrum, lever arm, and load arm. b) Explain how this tool trades force for distance.
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26 c) The red hinged board represents a human arm. The hinge represents the elbow, and the spring scale represents a muscle. 1) Record the amount of force that the board exerts on the scale. This is the force the “muscle” must exert to hold up the “arm.” _________ 2) Hang a 5 newton weight from the bottom of the board. (This represents holding 5 newtons in your hand. The scale measures the force exerted on
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Act_7 - Name _ Section _ Per 7 Activity Sheet: Simple...

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